6 de junio de 1944; degrees ALT+0

Good morning, it´s June 6th, 2020, and it’s  a Saturday,

Here in LA, 

It started off really cloudy but now a lot of blue skies, a hope for more and more golden sunshine, very still right now, a chilly 61 degrees Fahrenheit, 16 Celsius. It should get up to around 70 ºF this afternoon, hopefully with some sun, around 21 ºC

On this day, June 6th, 1944, that was D-day, when the allied forces landed in Normandy, on the Northern coast of France, and that operation involved, 1.000.000, I was reading, 1.527.000 soldiers, huge thing! D-day, 1944, June 6th, and I had a dream one night, that I was killed in Normandy on that day

I was a German soldier, 16 years old, Hitler had started recruiting younger and younger boys, my mother was so sad to see me go and I found myself walking on that day, I was very, very far from the beaches, I was in this kind of terrain, there was like little sand dunes, low scrub brush it was very, very foggy and cloudy, and grey, and I came up over this rise, I was carrying my rifle, and down in a hollow, there was an American soldier who turned, and fired his machine gun and it hit me in the stomach, the bullets! I dropped my rifle, and grabbed my stomach and I could feel this warm blood coming out and the next thing I knew my body got very very hot, and the next thing I knew I was on my knees, and the next thing, lights out



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